Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Other Blogs

My Other Blogs

Tim from Sugar Land Texas
Tim and Zol Potter

Zol And I recently left the Philippines after 6 years of living there. We have relocated to Houston Texas. We documented our struggles of getting from the Philippines to the US. Additionally the life we experienced while living in the Philippines. Though we are two years removed from the Philippines it remains in our hearts. I write now about the items needed for the expat to return to the Philippines and what life will be like. Also throwing in the flavor of being back in the USA.

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas: Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas: Tim Potter in Philippines from Sugar land Sugar Land to Philippines The Last 5 Years from Sugar Land . Tim Potter Sugar Land...

Sugar Land Texas Tim Potter: Sugar Land Texas Tim Potter: Fixing what a cyberstalker says 67% of people do a Vanity search.  As I have said before I have have a cyberstalker .  Never ...

Texas Tim Potter: Children Living in Poverty Philippines: Child Poverty In The Philippines Children growing up in the poorest urban areas in the Philippines are increasingly worse off than th...

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