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How to Web Log or Blog using Blogger

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Become a Blogger in no Time.

You’re able to become a journalist by writing your initial blog post, as an entry, for your new web log. as luck
would have it, the mechanics of writing a web log post are not much different from writing are e-mail.

Most posts are quite short and are written directly and informally, however you'll be able to build them as long as you would like. Each web log takes on a temperament and lifetime of its own.

If you've got used a Web-based e-mail service like Gmail, Hotmail, or MSN, web log package feels terribly acquainted. Making the post is solely a matter completing the acceptable fields in an exceedingly simple manner, info text, then sending it off to its destination — during this case, to your web log, instead of a friend’s inbox.

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1 Go to the Blogger business screen.

Once you have finished signing up for your web log, click the beginning posting link to begin a web log post. The business screen seems. If you’re coming to Blogger, log in. Blogger takes you to the Dashboard — a sort of control board showing you the blogs you have got started — supplying you with access to tools like posting, facilitate resources, or maybe making another web log. Click the New Post link on the Dashboard to urge to the composing screen.

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2 Enter a title for your post within the Title field.

Titles are like newspaper headlines, catchy and informative so they encourage guests to your web log to continue reading.

3 Write your post within the field.

Consider writing your web log posts in an exceedingly normal word-processing program, like text editor or Microsoft Word, and saving the document. several web loggers have spent hours composing right within the entry field of their blog  to find out that their web log has had a technical problem leading to a lost post.

4 Format your post.

Blogger’s entry field includes icons across the highest that allow you alter the font and font size, apply headings and italics to text, and make common info designs like lists. To use these options, choose the text within the field that wish to change by clicking and dragging over the text; then click the acceptable icon or choose an possibility from the specified drop-down list.

5 Preview and Publish.

I always like to preview my post prior to publishing the I reccomend you do the same.  Once this is complete it is now just a matter of hitting the Publish and you are now on the web.  With your very first web log or Blog.


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