Friday, January 18, 2013

How to get Blog Indexed by Google

Getting a Blog Indexed by Google

Google Index

I wondered what it took to get Google to index it in the search engine. Then I wondered how long it would take Google to index it.  

Well everything I read the answer was who the hell knows.  There is no answer to that question and only Google has the answer.  So then I read about what you can do to get Google to index your site faster.  Here is a list of the things I found out.  This is good for anyone that wants to start a website or blog.  

List of things to do.

SEO (search engine optimize) optimize your site:  I used a website to ensure that my site was optimized to ensure the search engine read the site.  When I first built the site it was at 47% now I am at 100% .

Signup for Google analytic and include the code in you site

Signup for Google webmaster tools and submit a site map

Backlinks to relevant locations.  Not just back links as that can slow you down.

Social Media Google plus and Facebook drive traffic.  You should use that as you as the Author of content.

Content.  When you first get a website keep your content simple and what you write about to one particular topic.  If there is less on that topic out there then you get indexed faster.  However good content.

Internal links Search engines like that you have links to other items.  So ensure you have internal links to things.  

I did these simple things and 4 days my website was indexed by Google   So it can be done easily yet you must do things that Google likes to see.  Your content plays a very large role in getting you indexed.  


*** This was the second article I published and after 4 days Google indexed my site. Now I did do a few extra things that seemed to help.  I created a Facebook Fan Page.  Then I requested Google to Crawl that page.  I also did one guest blog on another site that had a very high Page Rank.  In the end it took me only 4 days to get this page and my site indexed.  

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