Thursday, January 31, 2013

ISP not giving you all your internet speed?

How to test the performance of your Broadband connection for Rogers

Is there a time when I should be testing my connection?

I am real big on analogies so if you are going to test your connection.  See how the traffic flows on a highway is diffrent at different times of the day.  So just like your internet, congestion on your connection plays a huge part.

Also if you using your connection 24 hours a day downloading and up loading files you may be subject to throttling by your internet service provider.  This is to ensure fair use policy among all users.

So how can you see what kind of speed you are getting?

1. Go to Speedtest . This is a good site to check your possible through put of your internet.  It will check your burst speed and average your overall speed.

2 Find a server. Select a server that is close to your current location.  The farther away will result in lower speeds.

3 Click on Start test. This will start the test and show yo the end result of your test.

Now if you are not getting the speed promised.  You will need to do a little house cleaning before you go to your ISP and complain.  First restart your modem, router and your computer.  Then run the steps again.

If that still fails. Then you are going to want to run your Anti-Virus and Malware/Spyware application.  If you are confuse about this please follow this link.

If you have done all the step above.  Still prior to complaining to the ISP run the test at 3 different times during the day.  Ensure that it was not just a one time thing.  Once you armed with all this data it is now time to call the ISP.

So Enjoy

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