Friday, February 15, 2013

Tim Potter's Copyright Violations and Google

Philippine-Sugar Land Tim Potter's issue with Google

Tim Potter Philippines Sugar Land by the beach
Tim Zol Potter
As I Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land sit back and wonder what would happen if someone stole your photos online or they steal your content. What are the actions you can take.  You can report these offenses to the web master that has the photos or material.  You can report them to the author of the website.  Yet those seem to do little good in the case of Cyber Stalker.  So then you can report them to Google who in reality just press a button for deny.

How do I,  Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land  know this, a Cyber Stalker has followed me around the web for no reason.  He is a jealous bitter old man.   That wishes people to live in his misery.

So then you follow the advice of Google.  Create positive things to outweigh what was said and things that are negative about you.  I Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land created a blog and many online profiles.  I used Blogspot and Google Plus to create these profiles.  You follow the instructions of Google.  Then the cyber stalker goes and steals your content and posts it on his profile.  He steals your Google Plus Profile and Blogspot posts.  So now you inform the website author of the what may happen.  You inform them that he has once again violated your copyright and stole your material.

Tim Potter Philippines Sugar Land after the Beach with wife
Tim Potter Philippines Sugar Land
So where does that leave us.  Well I  Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land gave him 12 hours to remove all my photos for his website.  I will then report this latest theft of material to Google.  Now seeing that Google Plus and Blogspot are both Google products I doubt seriously they will take kindly to the fact he has stolen from them.  However if they fail to act on this 100% plain action of copyright infringement   It will be the time  to start to exit 100% from the Google world.  As Google has just gone over the top to promote cyber stalkers and pedophiles  In the name of what?  See his site also contain underage girls in sex acts.  Yet Google refused to de-index that site.   Nor take action.   I figure unless you make a million dollars and go to court they refuse to act.  They have even refused to place those images in safe search.  Wow.....

Tim Potter Philippines Sugar Land over looking the city of Cebu
Tim Potter Philippine Sugar Land
There have been reports that ISPs do not entertain image theft anymore.  I  Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land  wonder how true those reports are.  The rub here is you take him to court to take down sites.  This costs you a thousand dollars or so to do as such.  Then for $10 dollars the cyber stalker opens up shop somewhere else.  Yet you are out a thousand dollars to fight back.  Additionally when the person lives in another country there is little you can do in regards to monetary damages as he is an expat in France.  Yet since this guy has a USA passport and his number was published on the web he has has been reported for child endangerment to US Authorities and the FBI.

I  Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land  will now sit back and wait for the outcome.  No matter the outcome with Google.  Two things will remain the same.   I will have a wife that is beautiful and would be the envy of any man.  That my cyber stalker will remain jealous and bitter over this fact.


  1. Gday Tim.

    I came here from living in Cebu forum. I'm heading over your way in a month or two. Maybe we can network?

    About this issue, have you used DMCA's?

    David (spydoo on the forum).

  2. Yes google has not been so kind to me. Even in the caption on the photo it says "Courtsey of Tim Potters website" So I used the form showed the orginal website and upload date. Yet they say it is not a violation. I have attempted may times and google just will not budge sad as it may seem.

  3. Tim, anyone with half a brain knows that the stalker you are talking about is a complete moron. What is truly scary is that someone can write such things about people with total impunity. It's gotten to the point where people are afraid to post pictures of themselves or their families for fear of this guy putting them up on one of his many hate sites. He will get his eventually. What goes around, comes around.

  4. I just never post more photos then what is already out there. He will get his sooner then later. He has nothing to say so he just posts made up lies/