Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tablets changing the world

Tablets changing everything

Samsung Series 7
Samsung Series 7 (Photo credit:

Recently I bought a Samsung 7" tablet and this has changed the way I view things on the internet and just in life in general.  So also I am a Newbie to this experience  I no longer have a need for books.  I can down load them on the internet and review them right here on my tablet.  I no longer have this need for newspapers I again get my total news feed right here off the internet.  I check my mail and check my social status right here on the the tablet.

You say well I have been doing that for years on my computer. 

 It is not the same as I have also.  I lay in bed at night and read a book holding the tablet.  I wake up to my morning coffee with the tablet open to my favorite page.   I can pull it out of pocket or just open up on the go and check my email.  I have my favorite TV Schedule on the tablet and it is a companion for my TV viewing pleasure.

Tim Potter Sugar Land texas Blue tooth phone

This size of tablet is what they call a Phablet.  

Not really big enough to be a true tablet but also not small enough to be a smart phone.  However the size and weight seem just perfect for everything.  It is light weight and easy to carry.  This device has become my everything go to computer device.  See where this is different is I can carry it every and it is simple easy to use.  My tablet is a little different is that it also has a Sim card and full phone and text capabilities.  So I have a blue tooth phone and it acts as my home phone also as my to go phone.

The apps that make this work are just the best.  Flipboard is my favorite by far it is like turning the pages of your favorite magazine.  Steve Jobs once said it was his favorite application and I must agree it is mine also.

So tablets are changing the way we view the internet.  They are changing the way we view the world.  The size, functionality  and weight make this my perfect travel, at home, and everywhere gadget.

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